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Insureghana.com – is your #1 premium, popular, comprehensive and informative website in Ghana about insurance.We have been working on several solutions to meet the growing needs of our audience as well as clients.  We are delighted to introduce to you our feature-laden directory known as the Company Footprint.

This Company Footprint solution enables users to see at a go, your

1. Products

2. Services

3. News

4. Events etc

Find below a link to other company footprints that you can take a look at.


•    Visitors to your page can see your offerings at a go

•    Visitors can interact instantly with the offerings.

•    Audiences are just one click away creating a unique opportunity for

companies to engage in two-way communication with customers.

•    The company’s information is better categorized and more user



Other Services

•    Job Vacancies Advertisement

•    Website Design, Web Hosting, Domain Services.

•    Web banner Advertisement

•    Applications Development.

•    ICT Security Solutions.

Please contact us for more information via email

(info@insureghana.com) or  (0209211579).

Thank you for using our services.


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